What is Intense Pulsed Light? IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is the process of using specific wavelengths of light to provide a range of aesthetic and therapeutic treatments by targeting structures within the skin (such as melanin) with wavelengths of light, which break down the structure and improve the appearance of the skin.  The light pulses also stimulate collagen production which floods to the area, plumping the skin and giving a more youthful appearance.

The SkinBase IPL can be used for a wide range of treatments including hair reduction, photorejuvenation, acne and vascular lesions.

IPL is different to laser based therapies that only produce a single wavelength of light and can therefore only treat a specific condition.


Hair removal (1).png

IPL(Intense Pulsed Light) by Skinbase is an alternative hair removal method, targeting and affecting the hair at the follicle .

 IPL emits beams of visible pulsed light onto the skin. This light is absorbed by melanin in the hair and turns into heat energy. Providing there is sufficient melanin in the hair this heat disables the hair follicle so it can no longer produce a hair.

Permanent hair reduction is only possible if the hair is in the anagen growth phase. Only approximately 30% of hairs are in this growth phase at any one time which is why for permanent hair reduction, most areas of the body will need between 6-10 treatments. This can vary from client to client.

Which areas can be treated?


Unwanted hair can be removed from most parts of the body including legs, upper lip & chin, bikini line, underarm, back. A slight warm tingling sensation best describes the feeling experienced during a SkinBase™ IPL treatment. This is minimised further by a specially developed cryo-handset. The SkinBase™ IPL is infinitely more comfortable than most conventional methods like waxing, laser and electrolysis and many other IPL or laser systems.

IPL can only be effective on dark hairs, hence the need to stay out of the sun for several weeks before treatments.


  • Face

    Between brows / £35

    Cheeks / £55

    Chin / £45

    Forehead / £55

    Full face / £100

    Side of face / £55

    Upper lip / £45

    Upper lip & chin / £75

  • Body

    Arm full £195 / half £105

    Back of neck / £120

    Bikini starting from £80

    Buttocks/ £145

    Feet / £65

    Fingers / £55

    Hands / £55

    Leg full £350 / half £175

    Underarm/ £70

    Nipples / £55

    Stomach line / £55

    Toes / £50

Skin rejuvenation.png


  • Great for improving appearance of skin tone, rosacea, broken blood vessels, red and blue facial veins
  • Reduce facial wrinkles and fine lines
  • Treat sun damage, age spots, brown pigmentation and solar lentigines
  • Provides a smoother appearance to skin


  • Full face  /  £135
  • back of hands  /  £95
  • Face & Neck  /  £190
  • Decolletage  /  £185


Thread Veins (1).png


Thread veins are often seen on  the face, especially cheeks and nose.  They can be caused by excessive exposure to UV radiation but some people are simply more susceptible to them and they can be present from childhood.  Facial telangiectasias usually respond well to IPL treatment.

IPL therapy treat thread veins by emitting wavelengths of light that are filtered to target the haemaglobin in the thread veins/broken capillaries.  The treatment causes the vein to gradually breakdown over a number of days until it has disappeared.

How many treatments will I need?

Only 1 or 2 treatments are required at 2-3 week intervals.

  • Single area  /  £55
  • Cheeks  /  £95


Acne treatment (1).png

IPL For Acne Treatment 

IPL is a revolutionising acne treatment.  Our system has FDA clearance and is proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of acne.


The IPL system releases yellow, green and red light that is emitted in a series of short pulses.  This destroys the bacteria that live in the skin and cause inflammation, while the red light directly targets the overactive sebaceous glands that cause the outbreak of pustules.  The light also stimulates collagen production in the area helping to improve the appearance of acne scarring.


  • Safe and pain free
  • No down time
  • Dramatically reduces inflammation
  • Prevents over production of sebum
  • Destroys the bacteria on the skin preventing new spots occurring
  • Quickly begin to see a difference after just one treatment
  • Evens out the skin surface improving the appearance of scarring


  • Full face  /  £152
  • Half face  /  £95