How to remove your Shellac nail polish in 8 steps!

What you will need:


cotton wool pads x10

nail buffer


Tin foil

wooden manicure stick

cuticle oil

Step 1 - cut 10 pieces of tin foil into approx 10 x 4 cm strips.

Step 2 - lightly buff the nail plate with the rough side of the buffer to remove the shine of the polish.

Step 3 - Saturate a cotton pad with the acetone and place the pad over the nail and secure with your strip of foil.   Repeat this on all other nails.

Step 4 - Leave for 10- 15 minutes - any less than this time will not remove the polish effectively.

Step 5 - Once the time is up, one by one apply pressure to each nail and wiggle the foil off.

Step 6 - Using your wooden manicure stick gently push off any excess polish. 

Step 7 - Wash your hands thoroughly.

Step 8 - Apply your cuticle oil all over the nail bed to finish.

The Cove holds no responsibility for a persons own removal of shellac and these notes are to be used as a guide only.   We would always recommend removal of Shellac by a trained person or salon.