Intimate waxing - what you need to know!


When we first go for a wax ( I am talking about a Hollywood and Brazilian to save any confusion) we face the thought of getting our knickers off in front of a complete stranger who may or may not be competent enough to remove our unwanted hair without us wanting to bite down onto a towel.

For me there are definitely some factors that would make me choose a salon or therapist. Ideally I want a trustworthy recommendation from a friend, but failing that I would ask a few well chosen questions. Firstly, how long does it take? If we have a booking for more than 30 mins then what the hell are they doing unless I was expecting them to wax most of the top of my legs or tweezer them out one by one! 30 mins is ample time. Also do they offer a variety of wax choices? Hot wax is definitely a favourite, but some old school therapists perform and excellent job with strip also and can be quicker and equally as pain free. The quality of product is also key. We use Perron Rigot and what I like about that as a therapist and a client is that its flexible and doesn't snap when being removed. It definitely is called hot wax for a reason as it does feel a lot warmer than strip, its allowed to cool and then pealed off whilst the therapist stretches the skin well, with a nice firm grip! Seeing your therapist test the wax before they begin putting it on your delicate areas also helps fill me with confidence!

A few other key points are whether they double tip spatulas. This is not illegal and there is some argument whether it is a problem but why take the risk for a few spatulas? Double dipping is outlawed in Scotland but not in the UK at present, but I am sure it will come in and its good to be well ahead of the game.

I also want my therapist to be calm, confident and be direct in what instructions they give me. As soon as I lie on a bed as a client my brain switches off and I need to be told what to do! If my therapist looked shy (or horrified) alarm bells would be ringing immediately! Tell me what to do and I am happy and it gives me confidence. If I am told to take off my underwear and not given a flimsy pair of briefs that will get covered in wax, moved from side to side and really the therapist will see everything anyway , I am happy!

It is assumed that we will wax your bottom area, but having said that it is nice to be asked and then that is the point again that your therapist needs to reassure you with their level of professionalism. Its not pleasant showing your bum to a complete stranger, so for them to make you feel at ease makes all the difference. Just then getting on with efficient and quick removal makes it so much more bearable!

Having got to the end of the wax, still alive and not traumatised, the therapist should then apply a lovely soothing lotion or oil to all areas. Expect to feel a little sticky and even a little bit tender, but not for long! Everyone varies but for your first wax it will be longer than subsequent waxes, just as long as you follow the after care advice and also stay well away from a razor!

The most troublesome outcome of even the best waxing can be ingrown hairs. Perron Rigot have an amazing scrub that you can use between waxes and a lotion that prevents and treats ingrown. It come in a handy kit that also contains a pre wax cooling gel to take the sting our of your wax. Scrub every few days between waxes and apply the lotion as often as possible to keep your skin smooth and ingrown free!